Recent Changes

Chat logs will not load until S2 makes game logs available again.
April 9th
  • Fixed bug on new players first visit
  • Added new hero assets
  • Optimizations counting. Now spawns new threads.
March 9th
  • Fixed match bug.
March 8th
  • Created individual items pages. Links to the nice S2 pages.
  • Created item browse page with only one sorting option. It's boring.
  • You can now hover over and click items on match results pages.
February 25th
  • Fixed display issue on hero filter page
  • Server stats are now a single json request
  • Updated all CSS and JS dependancies
  • Match times are now correct. They were an hour off in certain views.
  • Some changes to settings.

Server Stats

  • Players:
  • Matches:
  • Status:
  • API calls today: